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I've dedicated this entire page to answer some of the most commonly asked questions.
I hope this helps give you a better idea of the products and services I offer, and as always -
if you still have questions head over to the contact page to get in touch!

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  • Are maternity photos worth it? 
    Believe it or not you will miss your bump one day. I can tell you how magical this time is, and even better I can show you how beautiful you look! You will leave your session glowing with love.
  • When should I book my maternity session?
    As soon as you decide you want them. Anywhere between 25 and 35 weeks is a good time to photograph the bump, while its showing but not getting in the way. That being said I have shot maternity sessions even at 39 weeks!
  • Where do we take maternity photos, in a studio, outside...?
    I have a portable backdrop, but prefer outdoor sessions and natural light. I have some go-to outdoor locations, and always encourage you to think of an environment that reflects you and your personality. I also love in-home lifestyle sessions - no props or staging, just real life as you live it.
  • Do you offer package discounts if we book more than one session?
    Absolutely - I love working with clients for more than just one session. I pour my heart and soul into the people I meet and what I do. Get in touch so we can customize a package just for you. 


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  • What should I wear?
    Something that you are comfortable in and reflects you. Logos, text and clashing colors can be distracting while different textures and layers look beautiful in photographs. If you want more help with this, check out my Pinterest boards for ideas.
  • I'm not comfortable in front of the camera, but having photographs is important to me. Will you help me?
    I think of my services as much more than just photos. My experience, education, and passion allow me to deliver an experience you will cherish, along with beautiful captures of the emotions I see in our session. It is my main goal to help you feel comfortable, confident, and relaxed! 
  • What if I'm not satisfied with my photos?
    Customer Satisfaction - a word that never meant much until I started my own business. My work is pointless if you are not satisfied - so if this is the case, please do let me know so I can make things 100% right.
  • Got another question? Send me a quick email and I'll be happy to help!

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  • When should we book our session?
    The earlier the better, to ensure availability. Newborn sessions are booked in by your due date. Once baby arrives, we'll be in touch about a specific date and time, typically within the first week or two. 
  • Where do newborn sessions take place?
    I typically come to your home for newborn sessions with my portable set-up. We set up in the lightest area of your home, but can also shoot in the nursery, outside, etc.
  • What kinds of props do you use?
    I have a collection of carefully curated mostly neutral props including knitted items available for purchase here!
  • What should I bring to the session?
    I always encourage parents to bring any meaningful items (a knitted blanket from Nana, a special teddy, or your favorite baby item..).
  • Does the newborn session include photos of baby with family members?
    Yes! We always get shots of baby with mom and dad, and siblings. Sometimes even grandma wants to jump in
  • Can we request specific poses?
    Photography is an art and I really just go with my heart to create beautiful photos, but you can always request ideas you like.
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  • What is birth story photography & why should I consider it?
    Birth is beautiful beyond words. My hpe is to capture your unique journey - your strength in labor, the love that surrounds you, the moments leading up to new life, and the first hours when you take it all in. I am deeply passionate about birth stories and I promise you will not regret having photos to remember that day forever. Re-creating family portraits every year is easy, but birth- it is truly once in a lifetime.
  • Will we meet before the birth?
    Absolutely. I am deeply passionate about what I do, but a pre-consultation will make sure we are a good fit for each other. Birth is such a personal experience, so it is important that we meet multiple times before the birth to discuss all the details as well as become comfortable with each other.
  • How does it work, do you take pictures of everything? 
    We meet in person to discuss your wishes, and I accommodate exactly to your level of comfort while capturing your birth story. I am on call for you day and night near your due date. You'll let me know at the first signs of labor - There is no time limit, and each birth is very different – but I hope to arrive and begin photographing during active labor (5-7 cm) and typically stay up to 2 hours after birth, with as much or as little coverage as you like!
  • How can you make birth look beautiful? Having a stranger see me at my worst? Photos at the expense of my privacy?
    I've been through it, so I know it can be painful, messy, emotional - a ride unlike any other. Yet, it is so very magical - I see birth as an empowering and extremely awe-inspiring experience.  There is so much love that can't be put into words- between you and your partner during labor, meeting your baby for the very first time... I do not take un-tasteful images, rather I find the beauty in it and help you remember the best moments of the journey. Your privacy is of utmost importance to me and respect it at all times.
  • What if you miss the birth?
    In any case I will come to your hospital/home even if I miss the birth itself to capture those first moments together. If I miss your baby's birth due to a personal or medical emergency, 100% of your money will be refunded. If i miss your birth for reasons out of my control your deposit can be used towards another photo session such as the Fresh 48. 
  • Will I have to get approval from my hospital/OB/Midwife?
    Yes. It is your responsibility to negotiate photography rights if need be, so always talk to your OB/Midwife before hand.  RVH allows 3 additional people in the room during labor.
  • What if I have a c-section or complications during labor?
    I'll be there to capture your story as it unfolds, as long as staff permits. If your hospital will allow photography in the OR, I would love to capture your birth story just the same! It’s not a guarantee that I get in, but I can photograph the before and those sweet moments afterwards. 
  • When you are photographing a birth, do you talk and interact, or are you quiet?
    I generally blend into the background and stay quiet, so you can focus on laboring without interruptions. If the situation is right, I don't mind putting my camera down to help when needed. During our initial meeting we discuss what you'd prefer. 
  • Do you use a flash?  What if I want my birth dark?
    Due to the nature of the event, I never use flash during labor and delivery.  This often means photographing in low light situations and can cause images to be more raw.
  • What happens after? 
    I typically stay for the first 2 hours after birth while you take it all in- these are my all-time favorite to capture. I deliver your private photo gallery within 2 weeks of the birth along with a custom slideshow of your birth story.