The beautiful birth story photography of Baby Claire. I was honoured to be a part of such a magical time for this family, and loved every minute of capturing the emotion, the love, the power, the birth, and the very first time meeting their baby girl. 

On February 15th and quite fittingly Family Day, A & C rushed to the hospital in the early morning hours. As I was parking my car I looked down to my phone and saw a message blinking on my screen "9 cm are you on your way?". Needless to say I ran up a few flights of stairs and made my way to the birthing unit as quickly as I could. 

I was amazed by A's ability to gracefully move around, labor in different positions, and communicate how she was feeling to her birth team. It was a beautiful, natural birth and just two hours after arriving to the hospital their beautiful baby girl was born.

The love and joy, overwhelm, excitement and emotion that I witnessed that day are the exact reasons why I do what I do. These moments are so incredibly special and so worth documenting.